How can I make characters speed variables change when going to the left

I’m making a small project, I have many gimmicks problems but I can get where they come from, except for this one

How do I…

Make the characters get on a specific speed state when going to the left

What is the expected result

That the character when is running at less than a certain speed, the Speed variable is 1, and when it’s more, the variable becomes into 2

What is the actual result

It works, but only when going to the right, when i’m going to the left the variable only seems to reach 1, and likely, becase the 0 is when the character is not moving and all, and there’s also conditions that the 1 is automatically reached when left/right key are pressed

I’d take screenshots but I don’t know how to on PC, and right now the game haves so many unfinished features, i’d prefer to not share the build

May it be related that the controls are manually made as actions, instead of having the default ones?

Press Windows + S key and search snip in pc then select an area to snip if you dont have any app