How can i make sampler ? save load

I have a sampler made on GDevelop.
How can I implement the recording of sounds and then their playback?
A record is, in fact, a list of sounds by numbers tied to the time they were pressed.

У меня есть sampler сделанный на GDevelop.
Как я могу реализовать запись звуков и потом их воспроизведение ?
Запись - это, по сути, список звуков по номерам, привязанным к времени их нажатия.

Hi and welcome,
Unfortunately, there is no recording feature I’m aware of.
I guess it would take a lot of javascript work to achieve that.

thanks ! :slightly_smiling_face: I heard that there is such a possibility in javascript but I don’t know it.
I wanted to play sounds directly in the game.
short sounds already loaded into the game.

You can build a sound library inside GDevelop that the players will use, but the players cannot record sounds themselves (or load sound files themselves).