How can I make solid platform characters?

I want to achieve a platform character that you can’t go trought. I tried using both platform and platformCharacter behavior, but then the platCharacter behavior is ignored and I can’t control it. When I use jumpthruPlatform option, the character is controlable, but only its top line is solid, just like a jumpthru shoud be. I need it to be solid AND a controlable character at the same time, but the platform behavior don’t let me do it.

I always thought the platform behavior kinda odd. It should work a little bit more like physics behavior (like, having static and kinematic options) or even with the options to choose which of its sides would be solid. but thats another issue.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by solid platform character.

Do you mean a platform that is controllable the way your main character is controllable?

The tricky part about using platform character behavior is it will make your controls work on both the platform and the player: if the platform and player are both on screen, they will respond the same way to controls. If that’s what you’re wanting, you could try adding some collision conditions to make the platform solid in the appropriate circumstances.

If that’s not the behavior you’re looking for, that is you want to be able to control the player character and control the platform, but to control them separately, you could try using a variable to pass control between the player and platform. Alternatively you could try mapping different controls for the platform: maybe make the player respond to the arrows and the platform respond to the num pad.

No, that’s not what i’m looking for. Think about two platform characters, if I set two objects to be platform characters and put one going towards the other, they will just pass through each other. That’s not what I want. I want them to colide like if both were solid.

have you tried to use collision for the condition and separate for the action?