How can I monetize games made in Gdevelop?

Hello everyone, I am a designer and developer of INDIE games, since you know how to make a game, it invests too much time, I am clear that Unity and Unreal are given a percentage of my game’s earnings, my doubts are:

1.- Gdevelop asks for a percentage of earnings from my game if I develop it on its platform? :thinking:

2.- what is the safest way to monetize a game made in Gdevelop? :thinking:

I await your answers. THANK YOU !.

0%, you paid only if you need more than 2 exports per day or remove the splash screen. Yes you have 2 exports per day for free!

Admob is supported.
And you can add your game on platforms like Google Play, , Steam, and other and set the selling page as you want.

Basically if you want more than 2 exports (android and desktop application) through the online service you have to wait 24h or get a subscription for get more exports on this online services.
The local exports are free.

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Ohh Thankyou Very Much :wink: <3