How can I objects have the same Z order?

I’m not sure why dragging new instances of objects into the game view gives each object a new Z order.

It’s pretty time consuming to have to constantly set it back and I’m not sure why each asset doesn’t have an inbuilt Z order.

Is there a setting for this that I’m missing?

At the moment I don’t think there is a way around this in the editor (if I’m wrong hopefully someone will correct me).

What I do for assets that I have placed manually in the scene, is set the objects z-order for all identical objects with the 'at the beginning of the scene" condition.

Being able to give all objects a z ordered a predetermined z order while placing would be a good idea, as currently they sort of end up all over the place

I also do the same and i think presently thats the easiest way.

If you are dragging same object in the scene.Don’t do that .First place one Object then holt Ctrl and drag that object it will duplicate your object with same Z order in editor.


Ah okay, thanks guys. I’m not sure why it’s not a standard feature. It feels like the current way is pretty illogical.

You can also put them on the same Layer (when you drag the objects like @Ruhan explained), and then you can hide/show layer, and manipulate it as you wish :slight_smile: You can also create a group and add all let say enemies, and then you can manipulate all enemies with a function instead of making events for all enemies, just wanted to note that as well.

All the best and keep safe!