How Can I Save and Load When The Game is Opened or Closed?

I need the save the game automatically when it’s closed and load the previous savings automatically when it’s opened again. But i haven’t seen any conditions informing the system that the game is closed or opened.

Note: “At the beginning of the scene” condition doesn’t work because my game has multiple levels and i also need to save the level number.

I see what you wrote about at beginning of the scene but that is the way to go for auto load on opening game
You just need to figure out how to implement that and manage saves between levels

As for closing game i also never seen solution for that and workaround i seen ppl use is either

  • saves made in some time intervals
  • saves auto made at end of level
  • saves made at some checkpoints

Can you clarify further what you mean, what you expect, what is happening, picture of events? My slightest idea of what you mean is - when you exit then go back on the game it will save what level your on, which my solution is, At the beginning of the scene, set VARIABLE String to (expression: Current scene Name) then it will be changed to the current scene Name I believe, then you can probably do a thing like "at the beginning of the scene set scene to Variable string. but idk if this works otherwise I have another idea,