How come this doesn't work? JSON to Variable example(solved - not a bug)

This example doesn’t even work. How do you get a variable back from a database when even their example of doing so won’t work?

Last time I checked it worked.
I get this error in the console now:

Not sure what the problem is, maybe someone from the dev team would like to have a look @Bouh, @arthuro555

Oh man I’m just glad it wasn’t me. I have been trying to get Vvariables back from a database for 2 weeks now. Even the firebase realtime database example won’t work. I swear it is impossible to get values back in Variables. I’m trying to build a leaderboard inside my game and if this was working it would be easy. but it’s not. Thanks for confirming that.

I’m praying that whatever the problem is, if they fix it, I will be able to accomplish what I am trying to do.

Sometimes examples get outdated or broken, especially when dealing with online third-party services.
Locking this duplicate. Please continue on the other topics.