How could I make a (very very) simple game engine WITHIN Gdevelop?

I know this is an extremely stupid question, but how could I theoretically make a little tiny small game engine within the Gdevelop engine? I’m talking just a level editor with a paint editor along with it at its simplest level.

I think the most difficult parts are the saving/loading system (either using a code or a full html file if possible whatever works) and the paint editor. Thanks! I know this is an extremely dumb question :stuck_out_tongue:

Create New Game > Examples > Level

Should be a good start to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

Alright, thanks! Any ideas on where to find a paint editor (when I look up gdevelop paint editor it will just talk about piskel) and thanks in advance!

The gdevelop app has one built-in but paint dot net is a really good free image editor in my opinion.

No, I mean like so you can paint in game. Sorry for not clarifying