How do display the text typed on the keboard in real time.

I want to have a area in my game where users can type commands. ie a box at the bottom. but don’t know how to make it so that every time a key is presses it it entered into the box.

I am using the html5 development and have tried going
if any key pressed add last pressed key to Text Box.
this issue with the above is that it displays 3 or more of the same letter with a signal keystroke.

if anyone knows how to solve this problem let me know. or if you know how to add a delay between keystroke that would be nice too.


You have a perfect extension to do that : Text Entry Object. :slight_smile:

You only have to create a text entry object and to put it into the scene (no matter where). Create also a text object (“text object” extention). Use a basic event such as :

You don’t really need the condition but if you want to disable for any reason the capture of the text, you can (with another event with an action “De/activate capturing text input”).