How do I add in a 2 character tether mechanic

I am trying to make a Sonic fangame. (I know, cringe, i guess.) Its trying to repliacte the ring tether mechanics of Knuckles Chaotix. you would go into a level with 2 characters, and they would be tied together with a ring tether. I am trying to replicate this mechanic, and I can say after 3 days of hitting my head against a proggraming wall, I should probally ask somebody for help. You wont understand the ring tether unless you see it in action, so heres a link to a full playthrough of knuckles chaotix, for you to scroll through. The leading player tugs the second character along with them. They will follow the other player, through loops, and slopes, and gravity defying stunts. I am not providing a screenshot of my events because im not asking for something to be fixed. The system just dosn’t work.

hi did you find a solution for your issue