How do I change the max angle in events?

Hello! It’s been almost a year since I’ve been on the forums. But here’s my question. I’m making a Sonic Engine and I wanna make it if Sonic’s horizontal speed is GREATER than 500 make it so the max angle (from the platformer behavior) changes to 80 degrees and if its LESS than 500 make it so its 30 degrees.
This WOULD’VE been something I could solve myself if there was an event for changing the max angle but I don’t see one. Help with this?

Yeah, interesting how there isn’t one.

If there’s not a simple solution around, maybe you can create 2 sonics, one with max angle of 30, the other 80, and swap between them as needed. If you put them in a group, then you’d only need to reference the group, and not each object.

That is interesting that there is no event to tweak that…

What I would suggest is to have 2 duplicate platformer character behaviors on that sonic object, but one has 80deg limit and the other 30deg limit and with the conditions you explained to us it can switch between each behavior.

Great minds think alike :grin:

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OH shoot! but you were the first one :flushed:

I’ve done that quite a few times myself, replied without realising that there was an another response. It’s a relief I’m not alone :smiley:

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Thanks! I think that’ll work!

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The max angle stops the character, it probably won’t look good. There is an action to change the current speed. It could be used to slower the character on slops (when the character is on the floor and Y becomes smaller) and even make it go backward.

I guess that the platformer behavior was designed for Mario-like games. It won’t work well to follow a vertical (or almost vertical) ground because the speed is constant on X. Even if it was made otherwise, following a wall implies to handle a lot of cases like jumping perpendicularly for instance.
This is something to look into in the future but I think it will be very difficult to do with events in the current state.