How do I cite data from Excel?

Guys, how do I cite data from Excel? I am making a SLG-like game so I want to cite data from Excel, which is more efficient than I drag this drag that drag this drag that.
I dont know anything about programming except print Hello World. XD

You will not be able to cite data from Excel, as you cannot load an XLS/XLSX file into GDevelop.

You could, maybe, store info as a CSV. However, you’ll then need to use the filesystem events: File system [GDevelop wiki]

As well as figure out how to parse the CSV data. I don’t believe anyone’s done that before, so you’ll be working through that process as the first person to do so (meaning others won’t be able to give much guidance).

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It’s probably worth trying a converting tool like this:

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Thx, but it seems that a French maker use excel to load variables,maybe. I dont know French at all:joy:

At least looking through google translate, they’re talking about going to XML, not XLS/XLSX. Very different things. And just like Gruk mentioned above, you’d be converting to them from JSON.

Excel can open XML files, although not in a very readible format, but they’re discussing converting out from GDevelop to Json to XML then opening that in Excel. Which is not a very worthwhile endeavor.

THX!I am Chinese so the result of google translate is weird for me to understand LOL