How do I create a 00:00 clock?


How do I create an 00:00 (24 hour) clock with the time increasing 1 minute every 1 real life second. (E.g. 12:00, 12:01, :12:02) and also the ability to add an AM and PM depending on the time. (E.g. 00:00am, 12:00pm)

If the value of a variable minute is equal to or greater than 60 then change the hour variable to + 1
If variable hour = 12 and variable state = pm then change the variable to am
If variable hour = 12 and variable state = am then change the variable to pm

If timer time is greater than 1 second, then change the variable minute to +1, reset timer time

Change the text of Time to VariableString(Hour) + " : " + VariableString(Minute)+" " + VariableString(state)

Look at the GD extensions there is one that should help you to achieve that.

@UlisesFreitas Are you talking about this

I did the time formatting option.

However, I can’t seem to figure out how to start the time at 08:00, put AM and PM beside it and also cut out the HH bit. So no HH, only MM and SS.

I can’t stand timers as it nearly always involves mathematics and I hate mathematics.

I will make a tutorial on that.

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

This is what I had so far:

I will teach you how to make fictional time using that extension.

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I am exporting the video and will be ready soon

Edit: Its done.