How do I create a breaking platform

I am making a simple platformer game and I’ve created a wooden platform which breaks and disappears a set time after it is touched. That is all and good but I would like it to ‘respawn’ after a few seconds so it could be used again. Right now it deletes it until the game is re opened. How could I make this work?

Hi, you could start a timer after the platform is destroyed and after a set time you just use the create-action to place your platform back in the scene.

Thanks for the reply, im really new to GDevelop so im still getting use to it. I can only get it to respawn at a set position but having multiple of them on the stage will make them all re create them at the same place. Thanks again

Okay, I guess the set position is not the issue? For the other problem I would use with the platforms small spawn objects that have a boolean object variable. If the platform is destroyed the variable is toggled and this variable state - together with the elapsed time of the timer - is the condition for spawning a new platform at the spawn object.

What I did in my game was have a separate object for every platform that would need respawning, so I could use pick all objects, and create platform at respawn object, etc