How do i create a slider then convert the capped coordinates to a 0.1 to 1 value applied to a global veribraile

basically im trying to make the deadzone of a stick customizable incase the dead zone of a stick is higher than the default 0.5 i set it to

Sorry, could you rephrase your question? I cannot understand what the issue is nor what you’re after. Your title is confusing and the brief explanation does not shed any light on the matter. You’ll need to explain what the problem is that you’re facing, and what you’re hoping or expecting to see.

Hello I’ll make a video explaining what I want in the game

For the capping:
If variable > 1, set variable to 1
if variable < 0.1, set variable to 0.1

tje slider system is no longer in use its been replaced by a system where clicking on the arrows adds or removes the incremets