How Do I Create A Taunt Button?

I hope all the questions are ok. I figured it’ll be beneficial to the community as well as I’m going along with the development of my new game.

I appreciate the help.

Please details a little bit more your problem, and fix the title too please, i don’t understand what you say.

Hey Bouh, absolutely!

I have a character I would like to perform animation called “Taunt1”. I was trying to set the ‘q’ key on Release (Triggered Once" to perform Animation#3 in the actions… but the animation only plays the first frame and reverts back to Idle.

any suggestions? It’s probably something easy, but I’m a bit overwhelmed with so many problem solving. I appreciate the help.

All the questions are okay, but solving your problems yourself will allow you to get a better understanding of GD. :blush:
Here, you trigger once the animation #3 but at the next frame, the condition right above is valid, so it switches back to #0.
You need to put the anim #3 event on the same level as the others, add a do = 1 to variable busy action and add a variable busy = 0 condition to the anim #0 event.
And when the animation is finished, you set the variable back to 0…and I think that should do it. :sweat_smile:

haha :sweat_smile: you are 100% right. Trust me, I sit with these problems long enough until I move to the next problem. I definitely will shoot to be on your level Gruk! Until then, thanks for being here. So I will set variable Idle Do = 0, and taunt will Do = 1. when complete, Do = 0. I’ll work on it and post my results!