How do i create levels?

Ive noticed the tutorials are all like highest-score games but I want to create avatars, make them levels, unlock new skins that kind of stuff how do I do that?

also i cant figure out why I cant go through the door how do I fix that?


Maybe you wonder why no one answers your question. My guess is, it is because you are asking several questions at once. I would recommend to ask one single question and to be as precise as possible.
For your second post: no one can tell you why, just by looking at a screenshot of your scene. You need to post your events.


Hi. You problem is pretty unclear. When creating a new topic, there is good advice that helps you to create a proper topic here. Try to pay some attention to that advice next time. It’s important to present your problem or question in proper, clear manner.

That being said, not all tutorials are high-score based. Not at all. Also, you can use the knowledge gathered from high-score game tutorials in your project. Stuff like crating graphics, controls, collision etc. apply to any genre.

Learning game development takes a lot of time. There’s a lot of learning before a beginner can create complicated, big systems. Be patient :slight_smile: