How do I create several sprites AT THE SAME TIME

I’m trying to make it so that my enemy spawners spawn several instances of the same enemy at the same time.
Like something along the line of - Create object enemy * 2 at position … - so that it spawns 2 enemies at once without delay.
Is this even possible in gdevelop?

Try this, you may need to set a random position so the enemies are not created on top themselves.

I used a repeat event, you can find it here.

Thank you very much! I did not know about these additional functions…

Great, glad i could help.

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Maybe better solution would be to use ObjectSpawner extension
It provides a lot of option to spawn one objects in whatever location you want

I would at least try it
Not to mention periodically spawn objects
IDK if it have to spawn multiple object at same time
But you could periodically spawn them in some short time so they can move way
And it have limit you can set how much objects each spawner can spawn and have them on screen
So for example you can set that one spawner can spawn 5 objects and unless at least one of these object is deleted spawner won’t be able to spawn more

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