How do I develop a Laser Setup

Hello everyone. I want to begin working on a small prototype of a classic laser-ray puzzle type board-game. The goal would be to guide the laser into a ‘Goal’

The rules are simple-

  1. There will be various types of ‘Surfaces’ V/S a ‘Laser’
  2. When the laser strikes a certain surface, it behaves accordingly. When the surfaces are rotated the laser can be directed.
    Example - A ‘Mirror’ surface would bend the laser 90 degrees.
    Another example - A ‘Fork’ would split the laser into 2…and so on.

Query: Any ideas how a basic laser works in games? What is the best approach as far as Gdevelop is concerned? Where do I begin?

Thanks in advance!

How do you see the laser’s appearance? A continuous line from start to finish, or a segment, like lasers in sci-fi movies?

Either way, I’d look at using the shape painter object.

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