How do I do 'Apply force' in Physics 2.0?

The old physics was pretty self-explanatory. You set an angle and force value. The new 2.0 physics doesn’t have documentation for the fields it has. Pic:

How do I set those fields to make my weapon fly (for example, at a 45 degree angle, with a force value of 5. It has something called N, which I guess is for setting the direction and force of the object, as well as ‘applying positions’ which I guess are the starting point for the weapon to fly (in my case, PlayerOne is throwing it).

In the fields, N stands for Newtons which is the SI unit for force. To apply a force of 5N at a 45° angle, you can apply a force of around 3.5 in both the directions. Yes, the documentation does not explain the fields but it is rather focused on explaining all the actions/conditions related to the behaviour.
For the applying positions, I believe the definition at the top of the dialog is the best way you can understand it :slight_smile:

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