How do I express the strucutre variable using an object‘s animation name?

I’m making a survival game crafting system where I want the expression to use an object’s animation name instead of an Array or structure variable so that I can my animation name to determine the amount of recipes instead of manually writing them in.

I tried some expressions but they didn’t seem to be working

When using a string as a child’s name you need to use square brackets and the parents’ name.

So, if you had Fruit.Apple then you would use Fruit[“Apple”]
or and a string variable or expression that returns a string.


If you declare the variable named type and set it to Apple you can use
Fruit[type] OR Fruit[VariableString(type)]


Add one more layer to the object structure variable. So if your Animation names are rag, sponge & brush, have them as children of the new structure layer so it’s designed it like:

. → rag
. → sponge
. → brush

and access it with: