How do i fix this? (enemy attack broken)

this is exposed to switch the enemy out of attack mode after it attacked once and allow the player to move. this is not working.

Not a proper solution (sorry about that), but just to let you know that you don’t need to use “If all of these conditions are true”. Gdevelop already does that, and the condition should only be used while nested inside an “or” condition.

Have you checked if the animation looped? Maybe that could be an issue.

I already checked that many times.

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any glaring issues with the event in your screenshot. you’d need to show all events related to it in order for us to start troubleshooting.

lol i tried but im too new to send multiple images

The “enemy distance to player is below” event is going to override all of your other animation events, unless you’re deleting the enemy or if the player moves away.

You’ll either need to change the conditions of this event, make it a trigger once, or rethink your other logic in order to make it not conflict.

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