How do I fix this error so I can build?

What is this error? It’s stopping me from building. I tried reducing the number of scenes, but it didn’t help. I have 6 videos in this game. I also have a lot of stuff getting “shown” & “hidden”.
Error output:
VIAddVersionKey expects 2-3 parameters, got 9.
Usage: VIAddVersionKey [/LANG=lang_id] keyname value

Look like the build version of your game, not sure.
Can you check in the game property if you use a too long version number?
Format is X.X.X or lower, X.X or just one digit.

See the format in description

Thanks! The version was actually OK, but right next to it, I had put quotation marks in the title, which is evidently a no no, because the game built after I removed them. There is an exclamation point at the end of the title, but apparently that is OK. And I removed two scenes from the game, thinking that was the problem! But I incorporated their content into other scenes without difficulty, and it’s all good practice anyway. Live and learn!