How do I get my dropshadow right?

I’ve checked Fix effect edges, but it didn’t solve my problem.

How do I…

How do I show the whole dropshadow? It seems like there’s a box around the sprite. But I already set the padding of the effect to 2000. What am I missing?

What is the expected result

The dropshadow should be visible as a beautiful circle in the maximal distance (which is 50 as effect parameter). Note: The distance gets adjusted to 50 when the object is being dragged.

What is the actual result

The dropshadow is cut off.

Related screenshots


Edit: Added screenshot and details

You’ll need to show your effect set up screen for people to be able to help in more detail.

That said, you might just try moving the objects you want drop shadow on into a separate layer, then use the layer effect, not an object effect. Some effects were designed with layers in mind, although since they were adapted directly from PixiJS effects there wasn’t a lot of clarity for the developer that implemented them.


Thanks for the hint, makes total sense. I updated the initial post.