How do I get my sprite to turn the way it's meant to instantly?

I’ve only had Gdevelop for around a day and I’ve been using tutorials a lot to help me but I can’t find anything that could help with this. I want my character to turn the way it’s meant to instantly but if I use the “simulate up button” or something then it’ll turn slowly. If I don’t use it though, I won’t be able to go up or left. please help :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

image of events :

video of controls atm:

Do you know that you can use already existing behavior to add to your object ? Maybe the “PlatformerObject” will be usefull in your case :slight_smile:

Concerning the rotation of your character, you could also use this type of conditions, which will flip the sprite of your character


Hope this advices will help :smiley:

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If you use rotate towards, set it to 0 degrees per second. It’ll do it immediately.

But otherwise, and along the lines of what @LumbirBwut suggested, look at using a behaviour. They have a number of parameters, which can modify the affects of the behaviour.

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