How do I get someone in here to help me?

I think I asked a valid question, but even the mods decided to disregard it and just went on about me spamming because I reposted it. They only choose what they want to respond to. Quite discouraging.

The reason for reposting is to get an answer. If I did, I won’t bother asking the same question twice.

Hi, I can understand that it is frustrating to wait for an answer but no one replies. The thing is that everyone on the forum, including the mods, is not obliged to help or answer anything. As far as I can see most posts are answered fast and often with several solutions. I don’t know what your actual question was but there is a chance that no one really knew a good answer to it. Did you try to ask at the Gdevelop discord?

PS: I am pushing the post to the general section since it has nothing to do with the “How do I…?” area.


TBH, I had a look at that question, and I couldn’t make out what you meant by the images. They’re of 2 different screens, and you haven’t made it clear what we should be looking at. In both those images the direction buttons appear at the same position. If you had the same screen shot but diffferent resolutions, then maybe we’d understand. Maybe explain and desribe what the difference is between the 2 images.

Just to be clear here, your other thread was closed specifically because it was the exact same question. While I understand your frustration at not getting an answer to your original post, multiple threads on the same subject is generally frowned upon anywhere, and is against the general rules here.

I’d recommend you update or add information to your original post here: Different Resolutions for Game and Touch Controls

You should update it with at least what Drona and MrMen mentioned above, as well as the following:

  1. What you’ve actually tried.
  2. A screenshot of your events for your UI positioning
  3. Your game properties which include the resolution settings.
  4. Patience. Not everyone is available at all times.
  5. Understanding. No one may know the answer to your question.