How do I get the text position like this?

How I get text to position like this?
When the action is like this.

Drag the textbox in the editor to the position you want?

To be honest, I don’t have a clue what you’re asking. What does the section of a screen shot show us, and what relevance doe the code have to it all? What is NewObject4? What are you getting at the moment?

Okay I think you don’t understand what I’m saying.
So I said that when I was testing the text would go to the top left corner of the object.
So how do I get to stay the way I want.

i assume you move a character, and the text goes away when moving.
the solution to this is a second layer, call it UI and put everything on it, that is sopposed to stay on screen where it is.

Okay maybe you guys don’t know what I’m talking right now.
Okay here that problem:
I want the text to be on the one which the first Image.
But In testing:
I press the play button the white thing and the text would stay the same as the first Image when is going down. But Instead the way I wanted it would just stay at top left of the white thing.
Hope you understand now. :slightly_smiling_face:

so you move your white thing?
and your text is supposed to stay in position relative to the white thing?

do you use google translate? you are doing a pretty bad job at telling what you want and what the problem is.

Okay another one.(And I’m good at english okay? :expressionless: )
The ways I wanted:
I wanted to work. Like this, When I pressed the play button.
Image:(So you might understand)
I want Object 2
To be the same place when is going down liked this.
Object 2 stayed on the top left when testing.

Question: So how do I get the text like this.
Now can you understand. :expressionless:

you still did not answer any of my questions dude.

this is a contradicting sentence, should object 2 move, should it stay?


You have to understand that we do not know what you are making, and we dont have your file. You cannot expect us to magically see whats going on in your screenshots, because they litterly tell us nothing.

If your loading text is not supposed to move at all, i gave the answer already:

Object 2 have move as the same place with Object 1

see, was that so difficult to say :slight_smile:

You have multiple options to archive that.

the easiest is, what ure where trying already.

first figure out what is the difference in position between your objects.

Moving object X = 483 Y = 355

follow object X = 497 Y = 367

The difference is
for X: 497-483 = 14
For Y: 367-355 = 12
the coordiantion system in Gdevelop starts on the topleft, means 0 is on top and Y gets bigger when position is lower. And X 0 is left and gets bigger to the right.

now that you know your numbers use them in your event like so:

Thanks, I though you would question again. :relieved: