How do I include 2nd object into the previous action?

Hi, I just started using GDevelop and got stuck on this for hours. I’m trying to make a space shooter game with upgrades. The problem I have now is that after the player picks up the upgrade, it only fires 1 time and does not fire rapidly.

Start of game: Laser1 fires.
During upgrade pickup: Laser1 fires normally + Laser2 fires
After upgrade pickup: Only Laser1 fires. (this is the problem)

I’m trying to make both lasers fire after upgrade pickup.

First, add a variable to check if the upgrade is activated. Then set that variable to 1 if activated and, 0 if not.
Then, add a sub event to the “FireRate” event, to check, if the variable ( that checks if the upgrade is activated) is 1, then add the action that fires the bullet to that sub-event’s actions


Wow thanks a lot. It worked.

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