How do I know which P2P host game connecting to?

I’m making an error screen with host and port, example: “Can’t connect to localhost:0000”. How to make this?

if by host you mean a player and you want it to show when that player doesn’t exist, just set the text to “Cant connect to:”+idinput.string()

if you want it to show when you successfully connect, have the user connected to send a event when peer connected and when you receive it, set the text object to, "Successfully connected to "+p2p::getEventSender(Event)

In P2P, you shouldn’t let the player choose their broker server, it’s something that you should be hosting for them. The ID system exists for them to then connect to each other, and for that one, you can do proper error handling. The broker doesn’t have a way to get its information, as that information is meant to be predetermined. If you do not want to host a broker server yourself, use the default one.