How do I make a circular tiled sprite

So I’m doing this thing where I need the tile sprite to be in the shape of a circle but by default it’s square and we could only select it’s width and height and that doesn’t really help. So can anyone suggest a solution to this issue

the tiled sprite as its name indicates, must be tilable. i don’t know how you imagined this or what you want to achieve with it, but the tiled sprite due to its nature is a square image.
just create your object from simple sprite.

Actually I get that tile sprite should be tileable but I was thinking like maybe there might be some effect that can allow me to make it look circular it would actually be square but I want to make it appear circular. Say by hideing the rest of it. So basically I trying to make something similar to Unity’s sprite mask. Or if there’s a way to put an image on a normal sprite and also change it’s offset that would also do the job.

here’s a gif of what I’ve made - sprite%20mask

I wanna do something to make this moving tile appear to be circular in shape

There is a sprite mask extension :wink:

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Thanks man, can you please provide me with a link it would be of great help.

You can download extensions from within GD. At the bottom of the project manager, open the function/behaviors and search for the “masking” extension.


but you haven’t said that so far! it has nothing to do with tiled sprites!

ya, cause I didn’t knew there was an extension and writing all that would have been long so I thought if there was a way to do that (make tile sprite look circular it would do the job). but ya I guess I should have…

looks like you still have no idea what the tiled sprite is. but it doesn’t matter if the problem is solved :grin:

No bro I get what tile sprite is. I was just asking if there is a way to make it appear circular (pseudo, illusion). but I don’t wanna argue with someone who helps me so much :sweat_smile:, thanks for all you do, I know I do things that sometimes seem dumb but I’m new to it can’t help but make mistakes. I a sure you I’ll explain things from now on

I haven’t explored the extension mentioned above, but I think if I was faced with this question I would use a tiled sprite that was transparent around the edges (to make it appear circular) then edit the hitboxes so it will interact with objects as if it were circular (well, close to circular: you could use 8+ points on the hitbox editor to approximate a circle.

I see, cool. Thanks man