How do i make a cutscene / intro?

I’m new in making games , so can some one explain how to make a cutscene do i need to animated it? does it means i need to make a event trigger or something?

Currently for what I know, GDevelop doesn’t support built-in video playback. You could make a cutscene through a sprite object and animate it through frames. Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the tween behavior to animate existing objects in your scene.

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If you already have a video cutscene, you can try to use a video object, but usually in video games, you take your sprites and make them move how you want to. You can play a sound file alongside.


is it possible to make a running text? i mean as a basic intro into the story

i see alright , thanks !

What do you mean with running text?

I think what you mean is the scrolling text as seen in credit rolls?
If that’s what you meant, then yes.
You can apply tween behavior to your text objects and animate it using actions.