How do I make a daily reward?

Hey! Does anyone know how to make a daily reward? I am making a clicker and I need the player to receive a certain amount of coins after re-entering the game.

What type is your game? AFK? Because type game use one type of dayli rewards.
For example, my game is similar a sandbox, 1day = 48 min, the dayli rewards is simply materials (you need take in specific site)

Use storage to track the current date & time. When the game restarts, read from storage and calculate the time elapsed.


My game is like a lazy miner. After the restart, the game should give passive income while the player was not in the game.

Please tell me, maybe there is a tutorial on how to create passive income?

Maybe you can look examples and learn Codemonkey use Unity BUT is important learn and understand what sistems use, and search similar sistems here (Can do it, just need search)

This tutorial explains how to write to and read from storage. It doesn’t cover creating passive income, but that’s something you can figure out with the information you’ve been given.

Thank you very much! I will try. )