How do I make a event only affect a newly created object?

I want to create a bullet hell game. One of the bullets will face towards the players cursor when spawned, and then move towards it. (note it will only point towards the players cursor once, right after it is created) Now when I create the object and angle it towards the cursor, all the other spears start refacing the cursor again. Can someone please help?

Can you send an image about it

So your saying that if the cursor is moved then you dont want it to to change its angle to the cursor??If this is the case then can definitely help you!

The way I want this code to work is like this

When a spear is spawned it will point towards the cursor Once and then move in that direction. The problem is that every time another spear spawns the previous spears start pointing in the cursors direction again.

Use the trigger once option in the last condition where if the timer is greater than 0.5> If that also doesn’t work then tell me i might have another solution but its very complex.

Didn’t work unfortunaly

Hi @aomarcelo

Because of the “timer of spear > 0.5” condition, the other spears are picked (or at least the ones with timer > 0.5). You’ll need to create a new spear in another event not including this condition so you can pick it independantly.

Try this:

  • Timer of pear >= 0.5 → change scene boolean “create_spear” to TRUE

  • If boolean “create_spear” is TRUE → create “spear” / change its angle / start timer / set the boolean to FALSE

Edit: Another suggestion is to replace the object timer with a scene timer.
If scene timer > 0.5 → create a spear / change it’s angle / reset timer

But that will again turn all the spears to the cursor! Im thinkung of a solution please wait.

It won’t since only the newly created spear will be picked and it’s angle will be changed.

Im trying ok theres always a solution.

Ignore this reply since I already figured the solution out

Try this It might not work but i have one more idea!