How do I make a game responsive for landscape and potrait

Hello. How would I make a game so that when a player switches the device from landscape to portrait and vice versa the game also adjusts and fit? Is it possible in Gdevelop? I have not found a related post on the subject. Could someone please provide me with insight. Thanks

It depends on what game you’re making.
What is available for use:

  • In the game properties menu, choose “adapt width” or “adapt height” to resize the viewport dynamically.
  • In the events, check if the size of the game has changed to trigger events (e.g. resizing or repositioning sprites).
  • In the behaviors, the Anchor behavior repositions objects automatically when the game size changes.

Cheers man,this is helpful thank you.

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Please show a image of that coz i don’t understood (what a dumb guy am I)

What do you mean by “that”?