How do I make a group of sprites spawn at once in a pattern

How do I…

Make a group of sprites spawn at once in a pattern

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I’m making an infinite running game and the player can collect coins by jumping and collecting coins in the air. How do I make it so that a group of coins spawns at once? I already have the spawn extension, but that extension doesn’t have any group spawner. I want the coins to generate different patterns such as squares, triangles, towers, etc.

Any help would be appreciated. I don’t know about writing javascript in GDevelop so I only know the events.

Consider using an external layout, one for each pattern. If you are scrolling by moving the scene camera, remember that when you create the objects to change their position relative to the screen’s top left.

Thanks for the answer, but making it so that the camera moves with the player. I’m making it so that the coin moves toward the player and not the player moving toward to coins. How do I add a force to an external layout that has been created? I’ve tried to add a force but it doesn’t work. Also, it it better if the player moves toward the coins or the coins move toward the player?

The code I have so far:

The thing with creating from external layout is that GDevelop doesn’t know about the objects until the next event. Add a subevent to each of those events, and move the force action into it.

So this does nothing:

While this will scale the character by a factor of 3: