How do I make a homing turret?

I am trying to make a turret that goes towards the player no matter where they are, preferably with adjustable turning speed so it can be avoidable. Thank you!

Condition: Compare two numbers
Turrent.Angle() < Turret.AngleTo(Player)
Modify Turret angle -1

Do the same for greater than

You can use the “rotate towards position” action to rotate your image either immediately or slowly towards the player. Remember that GDevelop will point the right side of the tower image to the object, not the top of it. That’s because it considers right to be 0 degrees, and therefor the way your object is pointing.

How do you make it move towards the player? This just makes it point

Ah, sorry, I misread your IP - when you wrote turret I assumed a fixed place object. Look into pathfinding. That’ll let you move it towards the player, and avoid obstacles if that’s needed.