How do I make a player character face the way he's running?

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I’m using the

I can’t put a video on it. Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

You know the way the character is running, so, make events for
“Left key is being simulated for Player” → “Flip horizontally Player: yes”
“Right key is being simulated for Player” → “Flip horizontally Player: no”

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if topdown???
isnt moving

If player is moving

You have to make a global/scene/etc variable for idle
I do a 40 tolerance because if 45 I they kinda overlap
I have 8 directions also thats why its 45,90,135 etc
I hope this helps???

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Thanks so much! This will help a lot!

I am making a top-down shooter and I just added rotate to make the character rotate the way I whant it to