How do I make a portal

Hi. I am currently making this game and I would like to spice it up a bit by adding portals! Like this picture: 37%20AM

Hi, I would suggest you just watch the video you screenshotted.

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I cannot access youtube. It is not available in my account.

you mean country?
use a proxy and set your location to usa/canada or similar

No. I mean my age. I am under 13 so it won’t let me watch youtube.

Ok so I got to watch the video but I still don’t understand the event that the guy is making.

The guy (The Gem Dev) who made the video provided a download link for the project, so you can try to figure out how it works and if there is anything specific you don’t understand, there will be definitely someone in the forum who can help you with that.

Cool! I’ll check it out