How do I make a reverse minimap?

Hi! I’m trying to replicate RTS/MOBA movement with a minimap. I managed to make the dot in the minimap move in relation to the player’s position. But I don’t know how to do it in reverse where as I click an area within the minimap and the camera will move in relation. Similar to Warcraft 3 or Battle Realms. Any help is appreciated thanks!

GDevelop file here:

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Hi! Firstly, I think you want the camera to switch between following the player or manually moving it? You will need a variable to keep track of this, can be a variable called “CameraMode” that can be “trackPlayer” (or the player name to be tracked) or “manual”.

After that, your second event seems to be close, just add the condition above to check if camera is following player or manual control.
Moving POINTER_MINIMAP to MouseX and MouseY position seems to be OK too.
But, what is “POINTER”? It’s a red dot but I can’t see it in the pic, so not sure what it does.

Feel free to reply with details on that, and I hope my post helps!

Maybe he does not need that camera follow mode.

If the character moves, the camera will try to follow him. If he does not move the camera is not moved as well.
If the user clicks the minimap the camera will move to the click position. if no such click occurs the camera is not moved.

This might get shaky when the character moves while the minimap is being clicked/dragged. But then does it make sense in the game to be doing these two moves at the same time? If not, there should not be any clash at all.