How do i make a score counter without text? (with images)

How do i make a score counter with sprites and not text?

can this work with tens, hundreds, etc?

do you really want to create hundreds of graphics?
why not use bitmap text?

i tried bitmap text, but it doesn’t work. and no, i only want to make a score counter but without any text whatsoever (000000)

what i mean is, can you duplicate the score sprite so it can display 10, 100 or more maybe.

Ah ok, ya it is possible. Create a variable and object for each digit, if one is 9, increase the next by 1.

Okay, thanks @jack! Really appreciate it

can you give me an overview of the code?

you can also place your custom bitmap sprites into a .ttf file then simply load it as a font text, it’s simpler to do.

Why exactly not?
It’s really easier and better than images.

it’s blurry :frowning_face: i don’t know why

Did you increase the text scale with the default font?

well i’m making a pixel game. i don’t wanna resize the scene because i suck at it