How do I make a timer? [Not original title (see edits)]

How do I make a timer?

Timer for what exactly?

If you want to start timer at beginning of the scene then

At beginning of the scene

Action start/reset timer TIMERNAME

Now it runs and you can use event like
Timer TIMERNAME is higher than > 20 sec

Whatever you need here


In addition to what ZeroX4 has mentioned, you can also have a look at the wiki entry for scene timers.

I tried it and it didn’t work. I want to set a timer at the beginning of the scene and when it ends, it deletes some elements. The timer does not work.


@ZeroX4 wrote the correct answer, I’ll put here the same with screenshots.

Let’s assume that you have the game, where the player must grab the apple in 10 seconds (to get e.g. extra life or something). After 10 seconds, apple disappears.

First create a scene timer:


Then the code:

If your code still doesn’t work, please send the screenshot of your code. By that way it’s easier to think together, what could be wrong. :slight_smile:

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