How do I make an object spawns infinitely?

I want to make an object (the enemy) spawns infinitely.
How can I do this?.

You can add a scene timer so if the timer reach some seconds you add events to spawn your enemies and reset the timer to start over.

Begin of the scene
Reset Timer “Spawn”

Timer “Spawn” is greater then 10 seconds
Spawn your enemy here… Create, position, hp, mp etc.

Other approach is with Count
So you compare the number of instance of enemy in game and if is 0 or the minimum number of enemies you want, then create more enemies.

This could be done adding some Advanced comparison, from Advanced Events
Compare two numbers then
First value must be the count of your enemy object like
Count(MyEnemyObject) < 0
Trigger Once
Create enemy, position, and the rest of your setup for the enemy.
Hope this helps.