How do i make hands

So i am making a game called drawn dungeon and i want my character to have hands that float in front of it and point towards the mouse how do i do that

Hi, you need a sprite for your hand. Important is that your hand-sprite is aligned horizontally when you import it to your project (wrist should be in the west and the fingers in the east). If your sprite is not aligned like that, the rotation won’t work properly.

The rotation point of your hand is by default the center of your sprite. If you don’t want that you have to move the center-point to the right location.

Then you set a point on your player-sprite were the hand should be attached. Your hand-sprite will be attached to this point through its origin-point. If that’s not what you want, you have to place the origin point of your hand at the right position.

The rest can be done through the events like:

Now your player has a hand which rotates towards the mouse-position.

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