How do I make identical objects from the same group get in deffirents places?

I was trying to make objects from the same group get in differents places arrond the player, but when I get the same object two times from this group they just start overlaping, so i triedd to move the whole group but its just moves all the objects from this group to the same position, how can I make they get in different places even they being the same object ?

If you only have 2 guns it would be easier to use 2 objects; gun1 and gun2

But… To do it with the same object, you can add an object variable to your gun object. Set 1 instance’s value to 0 and the other to 1. You then check the value of the object variable . Conditions work like filters. It will pick the objects with the value of 0 or 1. The variable can be a number or string as long as the variable and conditions match.

well is works but isn’t what Im triyng to do
the thing that Im triyng to do is more to a sistem that see if that position is occupated,like the gun it spawn at the left side of the player then when this happens any other gun shouldn’t spawn on that side even if its a other instance from the same object

What type of system? Side by side or evenly spaced? Your 1st two objects are on opposite sides. Where would the 3rd object go? Or do you want them all side by side in the aiming direction?

I was reusing the ID idea that you gave and I manage to do what I wanted, really thx !
and just answering your, the 3rd gun stays on the top of the player and the guns is evenly spaced by 90°
and just repeating ty !

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