How do I make my object to follow the path?

How do I make my object to follow the path? It is quite confusing

What do you have so far? What path do you want your object(s) to follow? How are you moving your objects?

I want to use the path to move the object. I mean the object should move according to the path

What path are you meaning? The pathfinding behaviour? A set of sprites that need to be followed? Something else? You need to be a lot more specific before we can help you.

Do you want to assign a path or have Gdevelop plot a path around obstacles? For the latter, there’s the path finder object.

To create a path there’s the curved movement extension among others. (It’s an extension not a behavior)

I’ve never used any of these. You could also put a line of hidden objects and use them like waypoints. You would assign force towards them in sequence using an object variable ID.

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