How do i make something happen everytime when the variable gets +100?

So im new in Gdevelop 5 and i have a clicker game. I want that the money amount will change everytime when the money variable gets +100 more points. How do I do it? PLZ help!

You can do a condition where:

  • If Variable(coins)>0 and mod(Variable(coins),100) = 0
    trigger once

This way you know you have more than 0 coins, and the amount of coins is 100, 200, 300, or so.

I hope it helps.


@oscuridad666’s solution will work fine for increments of exactly 100 points.

But it you want to determine if there’s an increase of at least 100 points and from any number (and not just lots of 100), I’d suggest using a second variable to keep track of the accumulated points, and when it get to more than 100, increase the money variable and decrease the second variable by 100.