How do I make the charecter respond to camera angle?

Hi everybody! I asked something like this yesterday, but I have the rotate camera thing down, I just need the player to fall. So If the camera is rotated upside-down, the player falls down. Any ideas?

You’ll need to give a bit more info than that. Are you using platform, physics, top-down, your own player control etc?

If it’s physics or platformer, look at changing the gravity settings (they’re event actions) to a negative number :


Sorry I took so long to respond. I’m making a platformer game, and I need it to–fall down a hill for example. I rotate the camera, and the platforms rotate sideways, but the player sticks to the platforms it is on. It’s like one of those bugs that can walk upside down on the ceiling. How do I get it to fall down, like human beings fall?

Cameras are literally visual only.

You cannot use them to impact gravity. You also cannot rotate gravity in the engine currently. You would need to stop using the platformer behavior and develop your own movement logic using forces instead.

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Oh, ok, thanks for the help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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