How do I market for myself and my products?

Thank god I am very professional in programming and finally learned GDevolep and I can do a lot with it and implement almost all ideas
But I’m so bad at marketing that I don’t even take advantage of my programming capabilities.
Are there any guidelines for me to know the methods of marketing programs, especially educational games?
And how do I benefit from my experience with the ability to implement any idea for those who request it.
I know there is some weirdness in what i said, but this is what I am, weirdo

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I am not a marketing professional at all. This is what I might do. Where are you publishing your game? You can post a thread about your game and a link to it in the “Game showcase” section. Maybe some may check it out. Also maybe post about your game and some devlogs in your social media like twitter. If you are posting it on you can post devlogs about your game that may encourage some people to check it out. Gamejolt also allow you to post thing as feed… You can also about your game in the GDevelop Discord, there is a special channel for posting finished games. If you have that money to run ads too.

These two sites might help


Thanks for your helpful advice :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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6 Must Do Marketing Tips for Indie Game Developers — Ninichi This one also might help :grinning:

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