How do I open an existing project?

I’m very new to all of this and I think my save button is broken because the program freezes when I hit “New Project”, and then “choose folder” to choose a place to save the game. I worked around this by exporting the game to a folder I made for it, but when I later went to open this project, the “package.json” (or whatever it was) didn’t open the game, but rather an empty game. I don’t know how to work around this and I can’t further learn the program if I don’t first figure this out.

Using Linux (Ubuntu),
it is necessary to save (CTRL + S) before to quit Gdevelop.


This is a bug, you can download the lastest version for fix this. :slight_smile:

Export and save is not same. Export is for build and play your game.
Actually save as is not active, but classic save is usable. The game will be saved in the project folder, you can see the path file above the GD window. (With Windows)