How do I Pass a soccer ball to a teamate?

Hello guys. So I am making a soccer game with three player each team and I am experiencing trouble with passing the ball.The players are object_player_1,object_player_2,object_player_2 and are include in an object player group called PlayersGroup with player ids:1,2,3.I have a pass_selector object to select a player among the 3 for which the ball should be passed to:
1.Player.is_controlled-this variable shoows which player has ball
2.GlobalVariable(g_which_player_is_controlled)-the global variable for which player has the ball
The Problem
I have a problem moving the ball from one player to the next after pressing the pass key(x). I think this is mainly due to the conflict that all players are in one group so moving the ball from one to another I need to use player id(I think) and I havent figured it out yet.So far the ball is able to move but does not go to the player with the pass_selector.I am kindly asking for your help to solve this problem.I have attached a screenshot of some of the code I have.

I remember @UlisesFreitas made an example.
Edit: Got it

Sure Mixen that is one of my templates he’s using I remember when i did the template I try to implement a different pass system just add one extra cursor and check the distance between players so if the player1 distance is below 50 of player2 the show the pass cursor and let the player1 pass the ball and set the Ball.Angle() to PassCursor.Angle() so when the user press X the ball is going to go to player2